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“The struggle you’re in today is developing 

the strength you need for tomorrow.”

Hey Sunday Brewers! 

Lots of goodies inside, including…

  • Want to boost productivity? Listen to these 3 types of music.
  • Leverage the power of content repurposing to GROW your marketing ROI
  • 2 ways your clients may be able to access “free” money this year

But first…my favorite positive news story of the week!


The First Sip


Chalk this story up as insanely cool

A pair of salvage divers on the Yazoo River outside of Vicksburg, Mississippi found a literal message in a bottle that was written more than 30 years ago.

But that’s not even the most interesting part.

It turns out that the message was written by a young boy who died three decades ago.

The divers – a pair of co-workers at a nearby shipyard – didn’t know that at the time.

All they knew was that the last name of the boy – barely legible on the tattered and water-stained note.

The note was dated 1989.

​​“We’re all kids at heart really. We could all envision ourselves as that 11-year-old boy,” said Brad Babb, one of the divers. 

“It really just fueled us to go and say, ‘let’s go find this guy’ cause this is kind of a kindred spirit where, ‘would I want somebody to find me? Yes I would.’”

Thanks to Facebook, the divers were able to get in touch with Eric and Melanie Dahl…the parents of the late Brian Dahl, the boy who authored the message in a bottle.

It turns out that Brian, who wrote the note when he was just 11 years old, passed away at age 29.

He was a cyclist who beat cancer, but then unexpectedly died in an accident at his home.

The letter was originally written as part of a school field trip.

30 years and 200 miles later, the message finally found its way into their hands.

It was a time of happy tears – a strangely cathartic experience for everyone involved, especially the parents.

“He’s with them still,” said Mitchell. 

“I think that’s what the note meant when we found it. To let his parents know that he was watching over them as well.”


1 Caffeinated Neurohack


A new study shows that students who listen to music perform better on tests and exams. 

Results show that 49% of respondents regularly listen to music while studying, and 60% say they’re able to study better with sound on in the background.

But it’s not just students.

Two-thirds of professionals say they listen to music in the office, with 89% feeling more productive when they do.

84% of business owners and employees say listening to music makes them look forward to work more.

But before you go pulling out those classic rock albums and oldies, you might want to consider the type of music that’s linked to the biggest productivity gains.

Researchers say classical music, R&B, and country music have the most profound impact on productivity.

My go-to background jams for writing isn’t in there, but still helps my productivity 🚀

What’s one of your go-to jam songs when working? 

Hit “reply” and let me know – maybe we’ll make an “Advisorist productivity playlist!” 🕺

☕  TL;DR: Want to boost productivity? Listen to these 3 types of music.


Marketing Psychology Quick Hit


Content takes time to produce.

Whether it’s a blog post, social media post, or YouTube video, it might take hours to turn an idea into a published piece of content.

So you might as well maximize its value, right?

In the marketing world, one of the best ways to enhance the value of your content is through something we call content repurposing.

Content can be repurposed in any number of ways.

For example, you can take a blog post and fragment it out into a series of social media posts that you automate to post over the course of several weeks.

Or you can take a webinar that you gave a few months ago, grab the audio file, and turn it into a podcast episode.

YouTube videos can be transcribed and transformed into guest blog posts.

The options are limitless.

Next time you produce a piece of content, don’t stop with hitting “publish.”

Look for ways to repurpose and fragment in as many ways as possible!

☕  TL;DR: Try “content repurposing” to enhance your marketing ROI


What’s New in SHIFT Nation?


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Weekly Industry Catch-Up


🔹 Tax break. The IRS has announced it’ll waive penalties for an estimated 1.6 million Americans who filed taxes late during the pandemic. The anticipated $1.2 billion in penalty refunds will arrive by the end of September. No further action is required by taxpayers.

🔹 Free money. Earlier this week, President Biden signed an executive order that will forgive up to $10,000 of student debt for borrowers earning less than $125k per year. Here’s how to qualify.

🔹 Strongarm. Stocks took a huge blow on Friday after Federal Reserve Chair Jeremoe Powell doubled down on the U.S. central bank’s commitment to fight inflation. The speech reiterated the Fed’s plans to tighten policies until inflation shrinks (and stays down).


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Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais

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