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“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”



The First Sip


Hey Sunday Brewers! 

This fresh cup o’ Brew has a neurohack for eliminating pre-meeting jitters

As well as a tip you can use to get prospects to talk more

And Gary’s W’s secret to consistently getting 1-2 phone chats with prospects every day!

But first, let’s check out the story of an Indiana attorney who is making headlines for all of the right reasons. 

When attorney Kenneth Allen called up his town’s local Meijer store, the staff was shocked.

His message was simple: No family deserves to go without anything this December. How can I help your customers? 

Allen then worked with the store’s management and devised a plan.

You see, nobody understands how difficult December can be for his community better than Allen.

As a lawyer, he’s walked thousands of people through some of the most difficult circumstances of their lives. (And he knows that December can be a financial burden for those who are already struggling.)

For starters, Allen gave every shopper a 10% discount with no restrictions on any items purchased. 

(Food, presents, toys, electronics – it didn’t matter. He covered it.)

Then, on top of that, he distributed $30,000 worth of gift cards with the help of school officials to families in need.

It provided the community with a huge lift and has put smiles on the faces of hundreds of parents and children.

As Allen explains: “I’m doing what God put me on the planet to do – help people.”


1 Caffeinated Neurohack


Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach before a big Zoom meeting?

Or what about stage fright before a webinar or virtual event?

Nobody really talks about this issue – but I know it’s a real thing for a lot of advisors.

And do you want to know the best secret to fighting nerves?


Duh… right?

The more prepared you are, the more confident you become. And when you’re confident, there’s no room for self-doubt or jitters.

Here are my four best tips for eviscerating pre-meeting nerves with better preparation:

  • Map out talking points. Having clear talking points – rather than ‘winging it’ – allows you to speak with conviction.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early. This lets you settle in and get all of the Zoom settings adjusted just right.
  • Set up a Zoom waiting room. This ensures the client can’t enter the meeting until you let them in.
  • Prepare for small talk. A couple of pre-planned questions prevents awkwardness at the start.

That’s it! If you do those four things, I can almost guarantee your nerves will calm down.

☕  TL;DR: Kill pre-Zoom meeting nerves with these 4 tips.


Marketing Psychology Quick Hit


As humans we’re reluctant to engage in any kind of behavior that could negatively influence someone else’s perception of our competence. 

In social settings, conversations, or sales meetings, this may cause a prospect to clam up as a form of self-protection. 🤐

Understanding this, it’s your job to put prospects at ease at the very beginning of the meeting (if you want them to be engaged). 

As cliche as it may sound, the best way to do this is by assuring them that there are no stupid questions.

You can even give examples of super elementary questions.

For example, you might say:

“I had a client last week who wanted to know how a 401(k) works – and I thought that was a great question!”

By sharing an anecdote like this, you give people permission to speak up and ask questions. 

This produces better engagement, more honest discussions, and higher close rates.

☕  TL;DR: Let prospects know that there are no dumb questions – they’ll be more apt to speak.


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Weekly Industry Catch-Up



🔹 No more cheap cash. As the Fed begins aggressively tapering stimulus efforts, experts say consumers can expect interest rates to rise in 2022. This includes mortgages, which could climb to nealy 4% for a 30-year fixed-rate loan in 2022.

🔹 Hammering away. Despite rising inflation, homebuilder confidence will end 2021 on a high. Sustained housing demand during what’s usually a slow season is driving much of this confidence.

🔹 Move over, West Coast. Austin, TX was named 2021’s hottest housing market in the U.S. (with the median sale price in the metro area rising 33.5% over the past year). Much of the growth comes from an influx of new residents. Other popular 2021 relocation destinations include Phoenix and Charlotte.


Enjoy your Sunday,

Jeremiah D. Desmarais

CEO, Advisorist


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Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah is the founder and CEO of Advisorist® and is a 23-time award winning financial marketer, a TED speaker and philanthropist. He’s been featured on Forbes, CNN, and Worth. His work has generated over $2 million insurance leads and helped advisors in over 51 countries generate over $300 million in sales commissions. He is the author of the best selling book, SHIFT.

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