11 Drivers That Are Causing Nightmares To Their Insurance Agents

1. “Can I take the pump home with me?”

badpriusdrivers / Via instagram.com

2. “Does this truck go in water?”

theoceanram / Via instagram.com

3. “Like a gloooove”

badpriusdrivers / Via instagram.com

4. This driver who just couldn’t wait for his root canal.

djtommyfixx / Via instagram.com

5. This driver can make you wonder if he decided to sign the car insurance first and then drive the new car home or the other way around.

fowbm / Via instagram.com<

6. “Honey, can you check if our policy covers driving off with a fuel hose from a gas station?”

brapstustustu / Via instagram.com

7. “Dogs can’t be policyholders AND driver… Right?”

youdrivelikeabozo / Via instagram.com

8. “What the – how in the… You know what – Nevermind.”

nekomansucks / Via instagram.com

9. Aren’t you MacGuyver!

10. Noise cancelling headphones: for when paying attention is just too much work.

planetlinton / Via instagram.com

11. “My Prius is powered by Fridges!”

badpriusdrivers / Via instagram.com

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