12 People We Hope Have a Great Life Insurance Policy

1. This intrepid bike-rider

Source: Daily Mail
Bike-riding is high-risk enough that the CDC reports 467,000 bike injuries in the USA. That probably includes people like this brave rider, who we hope has a Whole Life Coverage.

2. This fearless selfie-taker

There are some people who climb tall buildings because it’s their job. Think: skyscraper window cleaners. Others just enjoy taking a selfie that shows how much they have guts! Thankfully most life insurance companies sell policies with premiums almost anyone can afford!

3. This female Tom Cruise

Source: GDOnline
The wanna-be Tom Cruises of the world can rest assured that someone has their back in the event that something goes wrong during a stunt like this—even if it’s just a carefully placed net down below.

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4. These Wanna-be Birds

Source: BIIS
Skysurfing was considered a vogue sport when it was introduced in the 1990s. Obviously, someone didn’t think surfing and skydiving were risky enough and decided to combine the two. Accidents in this sport are quite rare thanks to precautions. For the rest of us, there’s life insurance just in case.

5. People who fly Using this Method

This contraption was invented to separate the adventurous from those who are terrified of heights. It’s also a risky way to get from point A to point B. We’re sure whoever is doing this feels thrilled. Their primary beneficiary probably is too.

6. This Spiderman

Source: YouTube
Skateboarding is fun, and we’re hoping whoever is in the picture landed safely. This harmless hobby usually results in a few scraps here and there. Extremely talented skateboarders—or those who simply dare trying stuff like this—definitely could use some peace of mind.

7. This Driver and Stuntman

Not only are we unable to explain how this is even possible, but these potential insureds need a great life insurance and car policy. Multi-tasking at its finest!

8. Any Bull-rider

Source: Navajo Times
There was a time when bull-riding was probably necessary. Then someone looked at bulls and felt it was only right to engage them in sport. Let’s bring on the sports, fun, and insurance advisors!

9. These Skydivers

Source: Drivepedia
Diving headfirst into any situation is brave. The rest of us simply want to watch them happen and relish in the suspense and hope that someone else will be totally okay after their adventures. Those who are truly type-A will hope whoever did this at least has term life insurance coverage. *Crosses fingers.*

10. Anyone who cooks like this

Source: ViralDazed
Even everyday tasks are a reason to hope someone has life insurance. 99% of humans can probably cook a meal without burning down a house. Then there’s this individual who’ll need life insurance just to make sure someone can repair the kitchen in the worst-case scenario!

11. This guy

Source: Say OMG
Some people don’t need to go far to find danger, danger finds them! We’re hoping this snafu was a one-time accident. But as the old adage says, one a klutz, always a klutz. Don’t you worry. At least there are options that can take care of family members just in case this individual falls down again.

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