12 People Who Were So ‘Extra’ With Their Cars, You’d Never Want To Insure Them!

Oh, cars, they are amongst some of our most prized possessions. For some, they are our babies, and we treat them as such. For others, they are just a mode of transportation. Either way, we all know that we need to carry insurance on them when driving them. But there are some folks who have gone above and beyond with their vehicles, that we just can’t help but laugh!

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My goodness, which way is in, and which way is out?


via Lance Peterson / www.sfgate.com
Who says you can’t take home with you? We wouldn’t want to know what it would take to insure these puppies.


Yes, this is a van with a ton of cameras on it. Wanna take a selfie? No problem!


Ride in style in this regal Brook Swan car! Who wants to guess what a policy on this would cost?


We sure do love our Beetles, but this one made of wrought iron? Seems like it could be a bit heavy.


Here’s a vehicle for when you can’t divide your love of motorcycles and semis!


Now this is the gold standard.


With all of those neon lights, our eyes don’t know where to look first!


It looks like somebody couldn’t leave their house without their teddy bears.


Think outside of the box!


This vehicle looks like it’s about to take off any second!


We are all o-fish-ally weirded out by this automobile.

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