15 Buildings That You Wouldn’t Want To Write A Homeowner’s Policy On

1. File this under, ‘historical-modern,’ or just, ‘confused.’ Either works.

2. Was the architect off center? Were the builder’s off axis? How did this go wrong?

Image Credit: Imgur.com

3. Let’s play a game of find the door. Ten points if you can spot it!

4. I feel for the person who wakes up each day and thinks the world is wonky.

Image Credit: Imgur.com

5. How does the architect, builders and home owner all allow this to happen?

Image Credit: Imgur.com

6. Turning art on its head is great, but let’s not go this far.

Image Credit: prikol.ru

7. The realtor who sold this building deserves a raise.

8. Staircases are the type of things that aren’t commonly used for decoration.

Image Credit: Imgur.com

9. I would not work in, nor drive under this definite hazard.

Image Credit: Blogger.com

10. If you are ever asked to come up with an insurance policy on a building that’s doing the splits, you have your work cut out for you.

Image Credit: Imgur.com

11. I pity the person who has a house drop on them, Wizard of Oz Style.

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Image Credit: ozersk.ru

12. Whoever had this whole house inception idea did not think about the irritation of insuring a house within a house.

13. It’s eye catching, sure. But it’s also defying gravity.

Image Credit: chaosfantasie.de

14. Sir, your building design looks like my five year old self’s lego creations.

Image Credit: wordpress.com

15. This seems unsafe, the owner should definitely consider life insurance.

Image Credit: Io9.com

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