17 People Who Need Car Insurance, and Their License Revoked

1. You can find this in the ‘car sandwich’ folder in your insurance claims.

2. This person is taking the road less driven. We don’t recommend this.

3. This incident can be filed under, ‘household appliances’ in your list of incoming insurance claims.

4. This is what is known a really bad idea.

Image Credit: badchicagodrivers.tumblr.com

5. This person is likely to claim insurance stating, ‘my car was hit when parked.’

6. I don’t know what type of claim you’d file this under….Flying Car? Toll Evasion? Either way it’s not good.

Image Credit: gifbin.com

7. This person called his insurance company asking, ‘excuse me? Can I insure my tank with you?’

8. If you park like this, and someone hits your car. Don’t call the insurance company. It’s your fault.

9. Hopefully this car was insured for snow and ice damage. The driver was not insured for stupidity.

Image Credit: gifbin.com

10. Well done sir, you have terrified everyone driving near you.

11. This person’s NASCAR style driving means your insurance company will be hearing from the power company too.

Image Credit: gifbin.com

12. Don’t tell me, it’s the ice’s fault?

Image Credit: gifbin.com

13. I don’t know about you, but everyone needs insurance here. EVERYONE.

Image Credit: gifbin.com

14. Dear Sir or Madam, this is a public service announcement. Get your eyes checked.

15. This is both a general nightmare, and an insurance nightmare.

16. This person managed to drive into wet concrete. Hopefully he wasn’t texting and driving.

17. You know the insurance claim will be, ‘unknowingly drove car, past construction workers into wet cement.’

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