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17 Babies Who Know It’s Never Too Late to Save for Retirement

Gotta start saving for that retired life now. This baby crying over the decline of employer pensions. Source: Reddit This baby just sheltered $50,000 in pre-tax contributions to a SEP IRA. He’ll explain what that means when his teeth come in. Source: Reddit Well, well, well, looks like someone’s capping out at that $5,500 annual…

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11 Drivers That Are Causing Nightmares To Their Insurance Agents

1. “Can I take the pump home with me?” badpriusdrivers / Via 2. “Does this truck go in water?” theoceanram / Via 3. “Like a gloooove” badpriusdrivers / Via 4. This driver who just couldn’t wait for his root canal. djtommyfixx / Via 5. This driver can make you wonder if…

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How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) And Make More Money

The result of long-term relationships is better and better quality, and lower and lower costs. —W. Edwards Deming Having helped to build one of the largest insurance lead generation companies in the country, I’ve heard practically every argument and excuse for why leads don’t work. And they usually come from advisors and agents who don’t…

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