How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) And Make More Money

The result of long-term relationships is better and better quality, and lower and lower costs. —W. Edwards Deming Having helped to build one of the largest insurance lead generation companies in the country, I’ve heard practically every argument and excuse for why leads don’t work. And they usually come from advisors and agents who don’t…

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Lead Generation For Financial Advisors via Photo Hacking

A picture is worth a thousand words. Over time, Michael Kitces of XY Planning has noticed something wrong with most advisors’ websites. Fixing it is simple but the change can make a world of difference in conversion rates. Put a picture on your website. It sounds incredibly simple, but it’s amazing how many advisors have…

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18 Reasons Pizza Is A Legit Financial Savings Tactic

It’s basically a 401k for your mouth. Delicious appreciation. Image Credit: Twitter Fresh baked, still $5. Image Credit: Twitter Diversify that portfolio. Image Credit: Twitter An extra large pizza is basically a long-term investment. RELATED: 12 Reasons to Not Bring your Exotic Pet to Your Financial Services Office Image Credit: Twitter Know your worth and…

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