Eleven Business Cats that any Insurance Agent would be Purr-fectly happy working with

There’s no way you can turn your nose up at the thought of working with one of these furry guys. Dressed to impress and ready to paw up some policies, the friendly felines will brighten your day and perk up your smile:

The eagerness in this little fella’s eyes isn’t for a treat, he’s excited to get to work!

Image Credit: Reddit

After a long day on the job, this guy likes to paws and reflect for a while

Image Credit: Reddit

A cat as dapper as this is sure to win the hearts of anyone and everyone

Image Credit: Reddit

His focus is unparalleled. He’s a real company man. Er, Cat?

Image Credit: ytimg

There’s nothing like a little fancy first class feast on the company dime

Image Credit: Blogger

Presentation ready, glasses on, fur cleaned. It’s go time

Image Credit: Japanator.com

“Our stock value dipped for a while, but they’ve really clawed their way back to the top. Now’s the time to pounce on the market!”

Image Credit: iStockPhoto

Nobody likes pictures before they’ve had their morning coffee

Image Credit: Imgur

Everyone knows that his tie is off center, but he’s too cute to tell!

Image Credit: Reddit

This agent is magical. It’s almost like she pulls leads out of thin air!

Image Credit: Reddit

The three o’clock slump hits everybody, but none of us look this cute when it does

Image Credit: Reddit

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