Chatbot Insurance Lead Generation System

Sometimes you just need creative out-of-the-box ideas to beat other insurance agents in the competitive lead generation landscape.


This is where we’ll uncover one of the best, unsaturated marketing channels that most insurance agents aren’t even aware of. It’s an untapped channel. It’s a channel ripe with 1 billion potential customers.

What is Facebook Messenger Bot?We’re talking about Facebook Messenger Bot marketing. Messenger bot marketing is still relatively new which means you can still gather the lowest-hanging-fruit leads in this untapped marketing channel.

Facebook’s popularity as a marketing tool is well known but back in 2011, Facebook knew that the growth of smartphones was inevitable. Facebook’s vision for continued growth would mean adapting Facebook to smartphone users. Thus began the creation of Facebook Messenger that would spur the growth of Facebook in the smartphone category.

Why Messenger Is Important for Insurance Agents

The following statistics reveal the importance of Facebook Messenger for insurance leads.

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence and Bots

As computers become smarter, that is, they have the ability to understand the context of words and have the ability to learn and think on their own, created an opportunity to create more sophisticated features to Facebook Messenger.

Artificial intelligence brought with it companies that were able to meld Facebook’s Messenger technology with artificial

intelligence (AI) with the creation of Messenger bots by accessing Facebook’s technology often referred application programming interface (API).

But there’s no need to worry because adding a Messenger bot to your business is fairly easy. We’ll tell you a little later how we are going to make it even easier for you to use.

Companies like Manychat which created Manychat, a Messenger app that uses AI to reply to messages created in Messenger. In more startling is that apps like Manychat are able to follow conversations and reply or offer several conversation paths for Messenger users to follow. These conversations are all done autonomously without the intervention of any human being. You’re having a conversation with a robot!

Can you imagine the implication for generating life insurance leads! A bot that can actually reply to an inquiry on Messenger and then lead a conversation that eventually turns a prospect into a lead!

How Do You Set Up Your Messenger Bot for Getting Insurance Leads?

If you search online for Messenger bot apps, you will find dozens of them. However, there are a few bot apps that are the defacto standards. Manychat, Chatfuel and Chatbot Lab are the main bots that are most used.

Essentially you can sign up for a free account at Manychat. You can create your own bot with questions and answers that follow a sequence. The sequence and flow from question to question will depend on your answers.

You can setup the flow using Manychat’s flow diagram and easily connect different question and answer groups to each other as illustrated in the image above.

Free Bot For Agents

We know you might have a little angst in trying to create your own bot for your insurance business, so we’ve created a bot engine just for you. At Advisorist we want to help you grow your local insurance business as smoothly as possible.


We’ve created a bot that you can easily install. No programming, no fuss, and no anxiety.

How To Install Your Free Manychat Chatbot

  1. You will need to have a Facebook business page to connect Manychat to your business page Messenger.
  2. You must create a Manychat account if you don’t already have an account.
  3. Watch the installation video below before clicking the install button or link.

Watch the 3 videos for installing Manychat lead generation system below before you click the install button or link below.

Note: You can expand videos full screen by clicking the square at the bottom right corner of the videos during playback.


Video 1: Manychat installation


Video 2: Customizing your Manychat bot for your business


Video 3: How to set up Google Calendar for call lead booking



Video 4: Website installation of Manychat Widget


Video 5: Manychat Facebook Ads Installation


For the Group Benefits bot, once installed please change message box #9 to add a web address that points to your Google calendar.

Life Insurance and Retirement Planning Bot Lead Generation

Install the bot


Group Benefits Bot Lead Generation

Install the bot


Frequently Asked Questions
How do i succeed selling insurance when we're priced high and have bad leads?

You need to differentiate some aspect of either your product (insurance), delivery, or service that puts you miles ahead of the competition. One unique aspect is to use the Manychat chatbot for lead generation on this page.

Life insurance sales people how do you get good leads?

You can generate leads and save time by implementing the chatbot on this page. It will autogenerate leads on autopilot.

Life insurance sales where do you get your leads?

There are many viable methods for generating leads. One highly recommended method is to use local SEO, that is, SEO targeting potential clients within your locale area.

I am branching into local SEO as I move towards recruiting other agents.

I am also hoping to develop software this year that will let me datamine my existing clients. I have a couple thousand clients, and I've never contacted any of them after the initial sale.

Insurance leads not paying out?

It is normal to follow up on a lead several times but if it doesn't generate revenue then move on to the next lead opportunity. Use the chatbot on this page which will more likely generate qualified leads interested in your offer.

How can i acquire new b2b insurance company leads?

Implement the chatbot on this page.