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From the Desk of Jeremiah Desmarais
Denver, CO

Dear Agent/Advisor,

I’d like to invite you to try the club that was founded around the core concepts and ideas of my best-selling book SHIFT, so you can learn how my teams and I have generated over 2,142,974 insurance and financial leads – all over the internet.

Today, I’d like to give you the exact tools, strategies and templates I’ve developed…

And give you access to all of it, to use for yourself, for just a $1 trial for 10 Days.


The Unfair Advantage Successful Insurance Agents & Advisors Have


After training over one hundred thousand entrepreneurs around the world how to start and build their own insurance marketing funnels, I’ve noticed those who get the fastest results and are the most successful all have something in common.

Things like:

  •  Access to mentors and experts who give you shortcuts
  •  Proven systems and templates to follow in the insurance world
  •  Like-minded entrepreneurs to mastermind with
  •  Templates and guides to help weed out the ‘shiny objects’
  •  Quick hacks and techniques to get results FASTER

Advisorist MAX


A club where agents and advisors who are either starting up insurance or financial marketing funnels – or want to improve their current one – can learn, hang out, network, and get educated about what they need to know to launch and grow their businesses.

This Is The Ultimate Shortcut To Start Your Insurance Marketing Funnels


Imagine being able to “look under the hood” of one of our fast growing million dollar online marketing funnels – and see the proven systems, structures and strategies we use every day to run our business.

  • Determine which products and services & which niches are working online
  • Where to go to get affordable traffic for more leads
  • What tools to use to save time so you can sell more
  • Drive FREE traffic and convert it to paying customers
  • How we plan out and organize our promotions
  • How we get people to book themselves onto our calendars
  • New tools and resources we use to optimize our team
  • What hacks and strategies are working right now you can just ‘swipe and deploy’
  • Where to go to find great virtual team members to get this done for you

Total Commissions earned to date from our programs:
$ 300,000,000


Countries served:


Total insurance and financial leads generated to date:


Agents trained:


The Benefits Of Being An
Advisorist MAX Member


1    Cutting Edge Insights from All Lines of Insurance

You will get clear, step-by-step ideas, frameworks and lessons to help you generate leads in the following categories:

  • Annuities
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Group Benefits
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Commercial Lines
  • 401k Plans
  • Health Insurance
  • Home and Auto Insurance

Really, anything that has a policy attached to it.

2    Monthly Marketing Systems With Step-by-Step Guides

Every month I’ll deliver a brand new training to help maximize a new area of your lead generation. The training will give you the strategy, the plan and implementation for YOUR type of insurance.

Each monthly training includes:

  • A high level strategic overview of the concept and how it works into your business
  • Detailed step-by-step guides on how to implement them
  • Discover the precise order to go about executing your plan
  • Budget examples and pricing guidelines to help you outsource
  • Incredible insider ninja tools and resources from our private files to get the job done faster
  • Checklists and action guides so you can ensure that you’re working your plan

3    LIVE Monthly “Office Hours”

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to ask us ANY question you have about the monthly marketing funnel being shared.

Ask us anything!

  • Get direct clarification about concepts, tactics, or strategies you learn inside the Advisorist Max reference library
  • Get fast, detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you encounter in your business
  • Get feedback or a second opinion on new ideas or projects you’re thinking about or working on
  • This call is about YOU and getting you the specific targeted help you need as soon as possible. Our coach will stay on until the last question is answered each and every month so you’re always moving your business forward!

4    Business Growth Interviews

You’ll also receive private “closed door” interviews I do with a highly successful and “hard to reach” insurance and financial advisors and marketers.

You’ll hear from a diverse group of entrepreneurs, including several Top Producers, Lead Generation Experts, Business Growth Hackers — to a marketing genius who’s generated 9 Billion dollars in documented profits for over 400 industries around the world and personally advised Tony Robbins — to the copywriters behind some of the most successful financial program launches in history.

  • Uncover the worst (but AVOIDABLE mistakes) some of the biggest names made during their startup days and how you can gracefully side-step each one to get ahead faster
  • Learn how to quickly transition from little marketing funnel — to high growth business — to market leader
  • Kickstart your agency from the ground up with highly effective and low-cost marketing strategies taught by the original creators themselves
  • Debunk the biggest and most widespread myths and beliefs about leads, online marketing, direct response, that have probably been holding you back and keeping you stuck

And much, much, more…



“Marketing ideas that are going to produce immediate revenue.”

Tom Schuetz , Group Services Inc.

Monthly Membership


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Yearly Membership


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“Jeremiah is special because he gives you some tools that you can take back and automate some of your marketing so that’s just every day creating leads and things for your business to go forward with.”

Watch full testimonial here

Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes

Top Insurance Producer

“He’s a brilliant guy. Anybody would be foolish not to talk to him and see what he has to offer. I think what’s great about Jeremiah is his ability to explain what to some people is a very complicated process and make it very easy.”

Watch full testimonial here

Bill Cates

Bill Cates

CSP, CPAE Author of “Get More Referrals Now” & “Beyond Referrals”

A commercial lines producer generated 4 leads and 1 appointment worth $8000 in commissions in less than 20 minutes using an advanced digital targeting approach.

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You would have to work 15 years, spend $2,041,675.32 and generate 2,142,987 insurance leads just to know what we do in the field on insurance marketing


“You WILL get returns. No ifs, ands or buts.”

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Cathy Aitken

“Spot on. Quick and simple and stuff you should be using”

Watch full testimonial here

Eric Silverman

Silverman Benefits Group

A commercial lines producer generated 4 leads and 1 appointment worth $8000 in commissions in less than 20 minutes using an advanced digital targeting approach.

Get Instant Access To All These Courses PLUS More Every Single Month




Course #1

How To Create Lead Generating Content Your Audience Will Love

Course #2

How To Plan A Marketing Funnel

Course #3

How to Get 5 More Hours of Productivity Back In Your Agency Every Week

Course #4

Copywriting Legend Bond Halpert Interview – How to Write Financial Sales Copy That Makes People Want to Choose YOU As Their Advisor

Course #5

How To Model an $80,000 A Month Marketing Funnel

Course #6

Facebook Financial Ads Academy

Bonus 1

Private Recordings From $12,000 MASTER MIND SESSIONS

Bonus 2 - $500 Value


Bonus 3 - $500 Value


Bonus 4 - $500 Value

Multi-Million Dollar Digital Insurance Ad Campaign Analysis

Bonus 5 - $500 Value

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Here’s just a sample of the trainings and recordings instantly available now.


How To Create Lead Generating Content Your Audience Will Love

Get Instant Access to this training:

Uncover and identify your unique knowledge and how to turn it into an endless stream of insurance and financial lead generating content.

  • I’m going to give you various tests, tools, and techniques so you can use them to pinpoint the HOT BUTTONS of your IDEAL prospects – the ones that not only come easy to you but you also feel the most comfortable with…
  • The 11 MOST EFFECTIVE types of insurance marketing content, and how to avoid the duds that will drain your time and money
  • Simple ways to help you reach 94% of the insurance shopping audience, and build a massive database
  • The true purpose of free content and how it fits into your overall profit plan
  • The reverse-engineering process that determines what topics will increase sales the most.
  • Key distinctions that separate OK content from OUTSTANDING

How To Plan A Marketing Funnel

Get Instant Access to this training:

Watch over my shoulder as I plan a marketing outreach funnel for a top advisor! Learn what skills you need to be a successful marketing planner and the fastest way to get your plan out of your head and into action.

  • Uncover the foundational planning secrets I’ve learned from 15 years of experience on the front lines…
  • Use the exact free software I do to plan million dollar funnels
  • Learn exactly which stages you should have your opt-in gift, the follow up call and “Nurturing Emails” so you get maximum value
  • “Rewire” your mind so you both think and ACT like a planner (and NOT an employee)
  • Learn the exact free tools I use on a daily basis to plan award winning funnels

“Very powerful”

Watch full testimonial here

John Stoner

The Stoner Organization

“Phenomenal… immediate valuable pieces of information that I can, without very much effort or time, implement directly”

Watch full testimonial here

Joseph Deacon

Insurance Advisor

A commercial lines producer generated 4 leads and 1 appointment worth $8000 in commissions in less than 20 minutes using an advanced digital targeting approach.

How to Get 5 More Hours of Productivity Back In Your Agency Every Week

Get Instant Access to this training:

Learn the most powerful, time saving productivity hacks and tools to help you get your time back so you can focus on bringing in more sales.

  • How to tame your inbox to less than 10 emails (really!) with simple tools
  • How to ‘quick steps’ to massively short cut the amount of time you spent writing
  • Clever and intelligent ways to use voice to speech software so you can speak your way to a higher performer
  • A simple tool to help you focus on the task at hand so you don’t get easily distracted
  • A cool app that helps you step up your copywriting game easily

Copywriting Legend Bond Halpert Interview – How to Write Financial Sales Copy That Makes People Want to Choose YOU As Their Advisor

Complete crash course in copywriting. Learn all the fundamentals you need to start writing powerful copy today.

In my experience and in the experience of many other highly successful entrepreneurs and marketers that I know, copywriting is one of THE most high leverage skills you can learn when it comes to insurance marketing.

So I asked the son of Legendary Copywriter Gary Halpert – Bond Halpert – if he would share his best strategies on a ‘no-holds-barred’ call for insurance and financial advisors.

In fact, it’s an advanced primer on the depths of marketing psychology and great tactical ‘how to’ moves to make you a better marketer.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • A dozen powerful subject lines to emulate
  • Daily rituals for optimal performance
  • How to Fail Faster to Win Bigger
  • Winning marketing campaigns that sell financial ‘stuff’
  • The story ARC of understanding your insurance client
  • How to tap into the emotional triggers of insurance/financial clients

“Ideas that I never thought about before for marketing.So simple!”

Watch full testimonial here

Mike Sessor

Insurance Professional

“A bunch of gold in terms of how to market at a low cost and just fill that funnel”

Watch full testimonial here

Gary Becker

Risk Mitigation Expert

A commercial lines producer generated 4 leads and 1 appointment worth $8000 in commissions in less than 20 minutes using an advanced digital targeting approach.

How To Model an $80,000 A Month Marketing Funnel

A complete overview of the ‘insider’ strategy and techniques needed to model a marketing funnel that’s generating over $80,000 a month, with just THREE hours of work on the part of the advisor.

Inside this program you’ll learn:

  • Specific strategies for creating an automated marketing funnel for your traffic so you generate pre-qualified appointments
  • How to startup a fully operational insurance sales funnel using free and low-cost technology and tools before you spend big money or go out looking for investors
  • One of my best techniques for designing and creating a funnel that will indoctrinate your audience to doing business with you so you only speak to the most qualified people

Facebook Financial Ads Academy

I invited one of the top Facebook and Google marketers in the world to create an exclusive training on how to create high converting Facebook Ads for financial and insurance programs.

  • Intro and overview to Facebook social ads
  • How to set up your first Facebook ad (even if you don’t have a page!)
  • How to use your client list to target your ideal prospects
  • 5 Ways to select your audience for maximum leads

Once you get that done, you’ll learn…

  • Learn how to segment your demographic with Facebook advertising
  • Understanding Facebook bidding strategies
  • Facebook ads and lead generation techniques
  • How to split test your ads in Facebook
  • How to use the right imagery in your Facebook ad campaign
  • How ad copy is different in Facebook PPC than SEM
  • How to create winning ads that fit Facebook’s terms of service

If you decide to take advantage of our Shift Book Launch promotion today, I’ll also include these valuable bonuses, which you can keep with my compliments.

Join Now And You

Also Get These Bonuses!


I really want to make this a complete ‘no brainer’ for you…

I’d like to offer never-before-seen access to my Private Mastermind Coaching Calls, as a special bonus when you take action and Join Advisorist MAX today.

Private Recordings From $12,000


For over two years running I’ve conducted a private Mastermind Call with some of the Nation’s leading producers.

Professionals from the world of group benefits, financial planning, retirement planning, 1031 Accredited Investor Programs, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Lines (Home and Auto) and Commercial Lines.

My clients have paid $12,000 to $120,000 to be a part of these calls with other elements of my private mentorship.

I’ve gone through our library of calls and hand selected the BEST RATED calls on their content, ideas shared and member breakthroughs.

No one has had access to these recordings but paid members – until now.

Bonus 2 – $500 Value


Get Instant Access to this training:


  • How To Create A Script That Positions You As The Expert
  • How To Craft A Story That Uses Analogies That People Will Remember
  • How One Office Uses An Appointment Setter To Write 7 Figures Annually
  • The Importance Of Pitching Yourself The Way Your Audience Wants To Hear It (Not What You Think They Want)
  • Steps To Structure A Prospecting Webinar
  • Outsourcing Success Story From Brad!
  • Transitioning From A Single Agent Firm To A Multiple Agent Practice
  • The Three H’s Of Hiring Sales People

Bonus 3 – $500 Value


You’ll learn:

  • How To Create A Vocabulary Unique To You So Prospects Start Speaking “Your Language”
  • 3 Psychological Triggers That Build Celebrity Status When You Have A Book
  • How Matt’s Business Has Taken Off Due To A Special Kind Of Prospect He’s Now Meeting With
  • Specific Tactics Being Used To Help Market His Brand And Book You Can Swipe And Deploy
  • How To Generate Pre-Disposed Clients On Demand
  • How To Mimic Old Time Preachers And Use Your Book As The “Gospel” To Build Authority
  • How To Get Access To Hard-To-Reach Prospects And Give Back To Your Business Community While Positioning Yourself As A “Radio Show Producer”
  • How She Selected Her Audience So She Has The Highest Chances Of Converting Guests To Clients
  • The Word-For-Word Script She’s Using To Get Past The Gatekeeper And Speak Directly To The Owner
  • How To Choose A Show Name That Will Work For Multiple Layers Of Marketing (Like Linkedin Groups) Later On

“Rare! You just get a sense that he has been there.”

Watch full testimonial here

Richard Cothern

Gulf Guarantee Services

“Exciting to learn how we can change the dynamic and really reach a lot of people and a lot of business owners on ways that we never knew existed. Literally, Jeremiah’s information is a game-changer for us. It’s exciting and the kinds of things that he’s taught us has really opened our eyes on new ways we can connect with our business owners and executives.”

Watch full testimonial here

Tim Olson

Tim Olson

A commercial lines producer generated 4 leads and 1 appointment worth $8000 in commissions in less than 20 minutes using an advanced digital targeting approach.

Bonus 4 – $500 Value

Multi-Million Dollar Digital Insurance Ad Campaign Analysis

Analysis of Multi-Million Dollar Digital Ad Campaign For Annuity Clients

  • Micro Testing Your Marketing To Find The Winner
  • How To Structure A Small Newspaper Ad To Pull The Highest Leads
  • Where To Go To See How Successful Financial Marketers Are Doing So You Can Swipe What’s Working
  • An In Depth Breakdown Of A Multi-Million Dollar Digital Ad Campaign For Annuity Clients
  • The Simple Symbol You Never Thought Would Increase Your Conversions
  • Why You Might Want To Add More Fields To Your Form, Not Less
  • A Filtering Technique To Get 4X More ‘Look Ready To Retire’ Leads From Linkedin
  • The Simple 50/10 Prospecting Activity That’s Generating One New Appointment Per Week

Bonus 5 – $500 Value

Facebook Advertising Strategies

You will learn:

  • How We’re Filling Informational Seminar Seats At $20.91 Per Person
  • Detailed Conversion Statistics On Our Last Facebook Campaign
  • A Live ‘Hot Seat’ Headline Example
  • A Step By Step Breakdown Of A Mini-Launch Sequence For Retirement Planning
  • A Cool App That Can Probably Save You Weeks Of Time This Year… Zapier.Com
  • And The Power Of Focus So You Stay On Course

The Advisorist MAX is the absolute best value I have for an insurance agent or advisor in “marketing startup mode” and I think you’ll agree once you see inside.


Like all my training, Advisorist MAX comes with a 100% 30-Day no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you decide for any reason that it’s not right for you, I’ll happily cancel and refund your order.

… And you can keep all the training you’ve received from me up until that point.

That’s the best I can do to help you jump in, and take action to build your business using the systems, checklists and templates that I’ve created.

Hurry… Our $1 Member Special Ends Soon

Advisorist MAX is going to give you all the support and tools you need to start & grow your business, and it’s 100% guaranteed.


Don’t miss your opportunity to claim these bonuses and try the Advisorist MAX.

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I’m really looking forward to helping you start and grow your business.

See you inside!

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“In the last 10 years, I’ve seen nobody that has ideas like he does. First of all, the ideas are creative. Many of the ideas he’s linked to delivery systems that can reduce the cost for delivering so while all of us are sitting back thinking about how do we have time to go out and implement his programs, he’s got tools to help implement them.”

Watch full testimonial here

Will Glaros

“Jeremiah got us off the sidelines. He immediately gave us a plan, a strategy that we can start tomorrow and hopefully gain immediate results. He understands where the future is in communicating to our clients. He would be by far an excellent choice to start discussion with to help solve your problems.”

Watch full testimonial here

Winfred Kirksey

A commercial lines producer generated 4 leads and 1 appointment worth $8000 in commissions in less than 20 minutes using an advanced digital targeting approach.