How To Make More Positive Positive Associations With Prospects

Happy Tuesday,

Just wanted to take a second to talk about a key difference between the elite producers in any field, and the non-elite.

Problem Solving.

It’s the difference between offering a service and offering HELP. 


It’s the same reason why this super simple email follow-up generates so many leads.


People don’t want to be sold a service, they want to buy a solution.


So keep it simple, and offer up your most valuable solutions FIRST.


Whether it’s in email, web content, or social media format, sharing solutions with your leads demonstrates that you’re looking out for their best interests first…


And that’s the ULTIMATE trust builder.


It’s also why this simple email works so well, even though it’s only NINE words long.


To action this advice, write all your content and lead interactions in a way that teaches them “How-To” do something.


Instead of…


Your Retirement Plan May Have [X Common Flaw]




How To Ensure Your Retirement Plan Doesn’t Have [X Common Flaw]


You’ve got this.


But be sure to check out this out FIRST. (no opt-in, no form – just 100% value)

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