Top 10 Houses That’ll Make You Think Pink About Insuring

Hmmm… Not sure I’d like to insure this one… looks like it’s made out of strawberry ice cream on a sunny day. Is there a ‘Accidental Melting’ rider we can get?

How would you insure a building where it looks like the stairs were stuck on upside down? Probably a good spot for gymnasts and parkour addicts.

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I always wondered what my Grandmas curtains would look like if they made a whole house out of them.

Of course, we must mention this old Savannah treasure “The Pink House”.

Which pink house on the corner?

Keep this powder pink, fairy tale cottage away from your kids because it looks like candy.

You wouldn’t think this fierce pink building was in hard as nails the Bronx NY? Right? Not so tough now big city?

Whilst this charming South of France café is adorable, they need extra insurance as sun burned tourists tend to vanish against it’s walls

This building maybe glam, it may be fierce, it certainly needs extra insurance for all the people getting migraines when they run past it.

Did some actually BUILD a Barbie’s Dream House?

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