We All Want To Be Heroes

Happy Thursday


Today I’m here to quickly introduce you to an idea that has the potential to TRANSFORM how much business you write each year.


If you’ve read almost any work of fiction or watched any great movie or television show, you’ve come into contact with the “Hero’s Journey”.


On Tuesday I introduced you to the idea of problem-solving, rather than present, when you’re interacting with your prospects.


Well, the Hero’s Journey is a powerful strategic structure for the way you problem solve with your prospects.


It looks like this:


Zero in on the first quarter of that circle.


That’s your conversion process.


But, you ARE NOT the hero.


You’re the helper/mentor.


Notice that the mentor doesn’t appear until the very end of the conversion process.




Because the prospect isn’t ready for you until then.


They need to experience the call to adventure, the push through their initial hangups, and dealing with their own psychological obstacles (usually fear) BEFORE the mentor can appear to help them.


Honestly, the mentor could appear at any time before then…


But the prospect won’t see the mentor for what they really are and how valuable their expertise is until they’ve gone through the rest of the cycle.


So how does knowing this help you?


  1. You’re probably trying to convert leads at the “Call To Adventure” stage, and then giving up.


If you’re the first person to show a lead a particular solution to a problem they didn’t realize they had… you are their call to adventure (which is important to keep in mind later).


But the lead needs to go through a few more steps before they are ready to meet their mentor/hire you.


So if you give up after that initial call to adventure instead of taking the opportunity to help your prospect through the necessary next steps, you’re leaving money on the table.


  1. Understanding this prospect journey lets you position yourself as the first person they will look to when they’re ready to meet their mentor.


If you structure your lead generation strategy with this journey in mind, you’ll have touch points at every key juncture, and you’ll be the natural first choice for a mentor in your prospect’s mind.


On top of that, adding this strategy to your lead generation allows you to move prospect’s through the stages more quickly by creating content for leads at every stage and directing them through to the next.


And done right…


It can be completely automated.


This is POWERFUL stuff when used properly.


Keep an eye out for next week’s emails, where we’ll share a few ways you can apply this strategy to your own lead generation…


And fill your pipeline to BURSTING.


In your corner.


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