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“Money does not change people, it unmasks them.”

– Henry Ford


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👉 How your brain evolves over time (and why you haven’t peaked yet)

👉 Why sending the right email makes people 3.57x more likely to save $

👉 The 2 biggest reasons you’re losing leads in 2023!

…and a LOT more!


The First Sip


David Grohl is one of the good guys.

We’ve shared stories about the Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer in the past, but this is too good not to share.

Just last week Grohl showed up on the streets of Los Angeles with thousands of dollars worth of meat, several BBQ smokers, and a heart of gold.

The “My Hero” musician heard there was an event at Hope The Mission (a rollerskating rink turned 107-bedroom homeless shelter)…

…and he just wanted to help.

“He turns up at 6pm, and this meat truck gets delivered,” Hope The Mission CFO Rowan Vansleve recalls. “And it’s like an obscene amount of food.” 

“It’s unbelievable, the guy spent thousands of dollars. And he is in there by himself in our little food-prep area, trimming the fat off [the meat], making sure every single one’s perfect.”

Around 11pm, Grohl starts lighting fires in the pits and then…


A massive storm hits – lighting, rain, the whole shebang. 

But he kept on.

“It’s pouring down, the area’s flooded,” Vansleve says. “And he stayed out there from midnight until I think it was 6am. when the meat stopped resting.”

After everything was ready, he gathered his family and friends and they served 450 of the local homeless population.

Then, according to Vansleve, he deep-cleaned the entire kitchen, loaded up his stuff, and headed back home.

Kindness rocks 🤘


1 Caffeinated Neurohack


Do brains peak in childhood? 

Is it all downhill after 30? 

Can a 65-year-old brain keep up with an adolescent?

The Washington Post recently looked at research collected by brain scan data from multiple studies and the results were fascinating.

While researchers have known for a while that the brain is largely established by birth, it’s becoming clear that different parts of the brain communicate with one another over a person’s lifetime.

“The good news is, that unlike other parts of the body, our brains are built to change over our lifetime, meeting the challenges set by every life stage,” The Washington Post reports.

Most people think that the brain reaches a “peak” during young adulthood (20-39), but this is a myth.

While there’s a lot of neurological development during this period, this is by no means a peak.

As the brain progresses into the 30s and 40s, adult synaptic plasticity, or the ability for connections to strengthen or weaken in response to activity changes, is thought to reprioritize rather than diminish,” the article reads.

The brain continues to develop during late adulthood (40-65).  And while experiences, lifestyle choices, and poor habits can cause the brain’s cognitive performance to slip some during this time…

…you can also reach new “peak” levels.

It all comes down to your priorities and habits.

Research shows that older adults who engage in crossword puzzles, memory training tasks, and even certain video games can improve cognitive functions during these years.

And while the brain does appear to slow down beyond the age of 65, researchers see a noticeable uptick in “wisdom.”

Some researchers suggest the brain circuitry tied to emotional processing and moral decision-making becomes heightened during this time.

So while older adults might not be as quick to recall information, there’s plenty of wisdom to be tapped into.

☕  TL;DR: Your brain is built to change over its lifetime.


Marketing Psychology Quick Hit


A new study finds people are 3.57 times more likely to save money if they receive emails encouraging them to put money away in a tone that matches their personality.

Specifically, the study found that 11.4% of people reach their saving goals when emails are aligned with their personality traits (compared to just 7.42% when there’s a personality mismatch).

Only 3.4% of people in the study reached their saving goals when they didn’t receive an email (or didn’t open it).

At a time when just 2.3% of Americans save a portion of their income each month, this study provides a groundbreaking look at the power of motivating people to make smart money moves.

From an advisor’s perspective, I also believe this speaks to the importance of identifying and targeting a specific niche.

The study shows how vital it is to understand WHO your prospects are and what motivates them.

When you find a specific niche, you’re much better equipped to create content and pitches that motivate people to take action.

☕  TL;DR: Matching messaging to personality type can increase savings.


What’s New in SHIFT Nation?


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Weekly Industry Catch-Up


🔹 Biased advice? Biases are part of human nature and, unfortunately, impact the way we advise our clients. 

For example, research shows advisors have long shown favoritism toward domestic large-cap equities while not putting enough emphasis on small-caps and foreign stocks. 

Here are some ways to defeat unintentional biases for a more balanced approach.

🔹 Lock the ‘Tok? TikTok announces it will limit daily screen time to just 60 minutes for teens as part of a new set of features designed to counteract excessive screen time. 

New parental control features are also being rolled out to allow parents to filter out certain hashtags and videos.

🔹 Dollar store pushback. While Dollar General has the most retail stores in the U.S. of any company, at least 75 communities across the country have voted down new locations. 

The pushback is in response to preserving local commerce and stemming the spread of unhealthy food and low-paying jobs.


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