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The First Sip


Hey Sunday Brewers! 

Another week, another fresh ‘Brew…

This time with 4-day workweeks… 

Research studies conducted in hotel bathrooms… 

The ‘Shark’ who just purchased an entire Texas town

And so much more!

The California School for the Deaf Riverside (CSDR) is used to setting records.

But typically they’re the wrong kinds of records.

(At one point, they’d lost every single game they played for 7 years.)

“CSDR used to be viewed as a laughing stock,” the Cub’s 6-foot-2 starting wide receiver says.

But now they’re re-writing the record books in a GOOD way.

The Cubs, who are the only deaf high school team in their division, are currently 12-0 with an average winning margin of nearly 50 points.

“We’ve played against other good teams,” their head coach says. “But we just keep beating them.”

Players don’t see their lack of hearing as a disadvantage. Instead, they view it as a strength.

They say their visual acuity is much stronger than their opponents (and they can call out plays without having to huddle).

We can do anything. Deaf people can do anything, we’re not this stereotype that’s out there,” said running back Enos Zornoza. 

“We’re breaking news that we can do it right.”


1 Caffeinated Neurohack


A CEO in New York City switched her entire business over to a 4-day workweek back in July and claims they’re never going back.

Chelsea Fagan reports that her business saw increased revenue, happier employees, and more productivity than in a traditional 5-day workweek.

And Fagan’s business isn’t the only one toying with the idea.

A recent survey shows that 53% of workers are experiencing career burnout, while 83% believe a 4-day workweek could be the cure.

And they might be right.

A study in Iceland, where shorter workweeks are becoming the norm, shows people working fewer hours report greater well-being and improved productivity.

While more clients and revenue are obviously big goals in 2022, maybe you should also be asking yourself one simple question:

How can I work less without compromising my productivity?

Others are cracking the code, and you can too!

Ps – I’ve been on a 4 (and now 3 day work week) for over 15 years. Can’t beat it.

 TL;DR: Work less – you might actually be more productive!


Marketing Psychology Quick Hit


Researchers conducted a study in hotel bathrooms to understand the relationship between signage and motivation.

They placed a sign next to the towels that showed one of three messages:

  1. “Help save the environment”
  2. “75% of hotel guests in this hotel reuse their towels”
  3. “75% of hotel guests in this room reuse their towels”

Reuse of towels increased by 15% in rooms where the third message was displayed.

I believe there’s a marketing lesson buried inside this research.

It shows how important it is to always relate your message back to your prospect’s current situation.

It’s not enough to ask them to do something – tell them why their current circumstances necessitate taking action.

Find statistics that show people what their most successful peers are doing, and use that as justification for taking financial action.

(This is why it’s so critical that you pick a niche. When you know who you’re speaking to, you can communicate with much greater specificity.)

Specificity converts!

☕  TL;DR: For more engagement, always relate your message back to your prospect’s current situation. Ex: 75% of people I meet with on this call choose to move forward with the next step.


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Weekly Industry Catch-Up


🔹 iPhone fatigue? Apple stock slipped this past week on a report that the company is telling suppliers demand for the iPhone 13 is down. 

🔹 Shake on it. Congress struck a spending deal hours before the deadline, but a major government shutdown still looms in the near future. 

🔹 Uh-oh. After plummeting to a 52-year low last week, the number of new jobless claims soared to 222k in a post-Thanksgiving report.

🔹 Mayor Cuban. Billionaire “Shark” Mark Cuban just bought the entire town of Mustang, Texas for an undisclosed amount. Asked about his plans, he responded: “I don’t know what, if anything, I will do with it.”


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