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“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

– Carl Sandburg


The First Sip


Hey Sunday Brewers! 

Wake up…you know what time it is!

Find out why 52 and 17 are significant numbers…

Why the color blue is effective for ~this~…

And what 3 states are the best to retire in.

But first…a feel-good story 👇

Peter Mutabizi’s childhood was as rough as it gets. 

He was born in Uganda to an abusive father and eventually ran away at the age of 10.

Peter lived on the streets for a couple of years until a kind family took him in and gave him a place to live.

And while his childhood was difficult, it somehow taught him empathy. 

It also led him to move to the U.S. to work for a non-profit that helps children.

Then in 2017, it led him to begin serving as a foster parent.

Over the years, Peter has fostered more than a dozen children – even adopting an 11-year-old boy named Anthony. 

I just wanted somewhere that I could feel safe and secure and I knew that I could stay there without worrying about moving somewhere else,” Anthony recalls.

And that’s exactly what Peter – who he now simply calls “dad” – was able to provide.

Over the past couple of years, Peter has welcomed three more foster children into their home.

“With foster care, they are overloaded with kids and I could not imagine a kid wanting a safe place to be loved in the midst of this. … I could not say no,” Peter says. 

And while there are certainly challenging days, Peter couldn’t imagine doing anything else with his time or energy.

As he explains: “My goal is to lift up those who have been forgotten and to say you’re special, you matter.

Peter’s a great example of someone who is quietly (but profoundly) making his little corner of the world a better place.

In times like these, that’s what it takes.

Don’t worry about changing the world – just focus on what’s right in front of you!


1 Caffeinated Neurohack



You’ve probably heard of the Pomodoro Technique for getting things done. 

(That’s the one where you set a timer and take a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work.)

But truth be told, that approach might not be best for insurance and financial advisors who need to consistently reach “deep work” mode.

In fact, there’s data to suggest that a different technique works better.

It’s called The 52/17 Rule.

And according to extensive research, it’s the most efficient way to work.

The idea is based on the finding that the top 10% of productive people generally work for an average of 52 minutes straight followed by a 17 minute break.

The 52-minute stretch is an intense sprint where you’re 100% dedicated to the task at hand.

Then the 17-minute break is spent doing things that are completely removed from work.

(That means no email, social media, or administrative tasks.)

This longer work time reduces the number of times you switch back and forth, which promotes higher productivity.

By being “all in” or “all out,” your brain is able to focus for long stretches and then fully recharge.

☕  TL;DR: Want to increase your productivity? Science says to work for 52 minutes on and 17 minutes off.


Marketing Psychology Quick Hit



Psychologists and researchers have spent decades studying the field of color psychology and the influence that different colors have on the human brain.

More specifically, they’ve found that certain colors evoke positive emotions, while others can actually work against a brand in other situations.

And as an advisor, certain colors could make or break your ability to convert prospects into trusting clients.

Here are a  couple of colors that are probably best to avoid (at least as your brand’s primary color):

  • Red: Associated with fire, blood, and urgency. Increases blood pressure and breathing.


  • Brown: Statistically the most disliked color by both men and women.

Now, I’m not telling you to invest in a total rebrand if you’re already using these colors…

But if you’re not already committed to them, you’re better off pursuing other colors.

Research suggests the following colors evoke positive emotion…particularly when used in financial services.

  • Blue: Most popular/preferred color for men. Suggests intelligence, serenity, stability, and trustworthiness.


  • Green: Denotes innovation, freshness, and financial success.

From your website and logo to your LinkedIn profile and email signature…

…having the right color scheme can position you as a trustworthy advisor.

☕  TL;DR: Every color evokes a specific reaction in the brain. Choose your brand colors wisely!


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Advisorist Data & Research



Weekly Industry Catch-Up



A disappointing August jobs report revealed the U.S. economy added just 235k jobs last month (well short of the expected 720k). In response, stocks eased off record highs previously set in the middle of the week.

Speaking of jobs, new research shows 76% of Gen Z and 63% of Millennials plan to switch jobs soon. Job burnout, low pay, and work-from-home fatigue are the culprits.

Boomers? They’re retiring by the droves. And according to one study, these are the worst states to retire in 2021.


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Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais

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