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The First Sip


Hey Sunday Brewers! 

Fix a pot of coffee…

Grab a cup of tea…

Because we’ve got feel-good stories, dopamine-inducing hacks, a psychology tactic you can use to engage existing clients…

…and so much more!

When Kayla and Drew Gottfried got married 14 years ago, they made sure to have a family member film the event.

But when they tried to get the video digitized a couple of years later, they were told the tape was blank.

Kayla was devastated.

While she had pictures and her own memories, she was sad that she’d never be able to relive the experience.

But earlier this year… 

…nearly a decade and a half after they said their vows…

Drew got a phone call from someone at the church where they got married.

“He was just going through old tapes of the church and he found one and saw that he recognized us from the video,” Drew said. 

“He didn’t even know that we didn’t have our videos. He just found it and messaged me and said, ‘Look what I found’.”

Drew was elated, but decided not to tell Kayla right away.

Instead, he rented out a local movie theater and arranged for a private viewing.

Kayla showed up thinking they’d be watching one of their favorite movies.

But little did she know Drew had a surprise in store.

He recorded the whole thing on video

…and this footage isn’t going anywhere!


1 Caffeinated Neurohack



Looking for a secret to become happier and more satisfied?

According to Harvard University professor Naoshige Uchida, the secret is actually pretty counterintuitive…

To be HAPPY, you need to set LOW expectations.

In his research, he found that people get the biggest dopamine SURGE when there’s a significant difference between expectation and actual outcome.

(This same phenomenon is why Kayla was so thrilled when her husband surprised her with their long-lost wedding video.

If she knew all along that they were going to the theater to watch the video, she still would have been excited…

But it was the surprise element – the exceeding of expectations, if you will – that gave her such a massive dopamine spike 🧠 🚀

Now, I’m not telling you to set such low expectations that you become apathetic and unmotivated.

(That would have the opposite effect.)

But I am suggesting that when you try to achieve something difficult, keep expectations tempered.

Then, when you do get results, you’ll feel happier 😁

That’s one way to keep momentum building in your business!

☕  TL;DR: Want to feel happier? Try setting lower expectations.


Marketing Psychology Quick Hit



If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution or birthday wish, then you’re familiar with something psychologists call the “fresh start effect.”

The fresh start effect refers to the human tendency to move toward a goal after a special date or occasion has passed.

(For example, you might make a January 1 pledge to lose 20 pounds over the next year.)

Research shows that the anticipation of a new beginning is actually a key motivating factor in taking action. 

And according to one study, people who are approaching a new decade are more likely to search for meaning in their lives and improve themselves.

This means clients who are 29, 39, 49, or 59 years old are much more likely to hear you out when you approach them regarding new policies or investments.

As one researcher puts it… 

We tend to see our past self as separate from our current self, so when we ‘discard’ our past selves – our younger selves– we feel more free to introduce new goal-oriented aspirational behaviours.”

Keep this in mind as you work with your existing clients (and even prospects). 

If you know a client is about to enter into a new decade, engage them more frequently. 

Listen to them.

Ask questions.

Offer suggestions.

Add as much value as you can and look for opportunities to help them introduce some of those new goal-oriented aspirational behaviors. 

☕  TL;DR: People are more likely to move toward a goal after a special date or occasion has passed. Use this to your advantage when prospecting.


Weekly Industry Catch-Up


🔹 That’s a lot of dough. Wednesday saw Senate Democrats pass a historic $3.5 trillion budget plan that allocates additional spending for education, health care, childcare and climate initiatives. 

The plan calls for raising taxes on the wealthy and beefing up tax enforcement.

🔹 COLA hike. Inflation is officially here, and experts say Social Security beneficiaries are in for the largest cost of living adjustment in nearly 40 years. 

One nonpartisan advocacy group estimates it’ll come in around 6.2 percent. By comparison, benefits increased by just 1.6 percent in 2020.

🔹 Crypto heist. More than $600M worth of crypto was stolen this week in the largest crypto theft of all time as hackers exploited a vulnerability in a network. (In a surprising turn of event, the hacker returned $300M of the coins.)

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Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais

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