How to Generate 1 – 4 Leads A Day With Cold Email + LinkedIn Strategies

Bio:  Jeremiah Desmarais is a 23-time award winning financial marketer, a TED speaker and philanthropist. He’s been featured on Forbes, CNN, and Worth. His work has generated over $2 million insurance leads and helped advisors in over 51 countries generate over $300 million in sales commissions. He’s been labeled one of the greatest marketing minds in the financial industry. He’s a sought after speaker, coach and private mentor to Advisors, carriers and marketing organizations. He was key in building one of the top 17 fastest growing insurance software companies in the country on the Inc 500 list in less than three years, hitting a record 1500% growth. He then turned around the marketing systems at a multinational insurance automation firm to increase sales by $26,000,000 in just nine months, tripling sales prospects in 60 days, and the firm was sold for $1.2 Billion dollars shortly thereafter.

Welcome to today’s special class, “How to Generate One to Four Leads a Day with Cold Email and LinkedIn Techniques”.  In order for you to get the most out of today’s class, I want to invite you to shut down all distractions. They actually did a study recently where they compared your cognitive ability and your ability to remember and actually work more effectively while you were either focused on one task OR were multi-tasking.  They found that when you’re multitasking – when you have your phone ringing and you’re listening to something and you think you’re doing two things – it actually it makes you stupider per the Wall Street Journal.

So, we don’t want to do that. I’m going to bring the goods here today, so I want to make sure I serve at the highest level.   We’re going to teach you some techniques today that you can use all over the place, but if you get into a little bit of a challenge and you’re not sure, I want to encourage you to please reach out to us. Okay?   I also want you to PLAY FULL OUT. Studies show by Ivy League institutions that the more you engage in a virtual environment, because we’re not in a room with each other, this will actually help your memory by about 40 percent.

What I’m really excited about is to really draw a line in the sand today that you CAN build a scalable, qualified lead generation funnel that brings pre-indoctrinated, ready-to-talk-to prospects, to your calendar every day without having to chase people down or learn a bunch of technical stuff. vAnd I want to congratulate you in advance because by the time this class is over today,  you’re about to know more than 98 percent of insurance agents and financial advisors out there.

And one thing we’re going to do together is I’m going to take you through our LinkedIn Leverage methodology, which includes optimization, some key numbers you should be doing every single day to get those appointments and really revealing the entire sequence to you.  I think it’s important that if you’re deciding to invest an hour of your time, which I respect you will never get back, that you know this is coming from a place of experience. And more importantly, it’s coming from a place of results. Just a few numbers to share with you:

I’ve had the privilege to personally generate over 2 million insurance and financial services leads strictly digitally, which have led to $300, billion dollars in fees and commissions.

And over the course of the last 10 years, 100,000 advisors in over 51 countries have benefited and successfully used these techniques. I want you to know this is not some theory, it’s not something developed in an ivory tower and I’m just “hoping it works”.  These are things that absolutely work.  


The only picture that I’m going to share that is about myself is this one here. And this is really the whole reason why I do this. My wife and I, we got married 10 years ago.  You can see the beautiful lady right next to me – That is my wife. Since we got married, my wife and I lived in Chicago and we’ve spent the majority of our lives actually giving back to the community.

When we got married, we said we wanted our marriage to be a force for good in the world. So we’ve worked with drug addicts, drug dealers, helping them breakthrough to recovery. We’ve lived in the Andes mountains for several years where we did volunteer work with broken families there.

The total sweethearts in the picture were children in the Amazon jungle, where we were doing some important work over there. There are two orphans. We worked with the elderly and about nine months out of the year is spent giving back to the community. And I don’t say that to impress you, but really to impress upon you that none of this would be possible without having systems in place.

“Systems Trumps Talent”  – meaning if you even have a mediocre system in place, you will always outperform somebody who’s very talented and has NO system in place, especially in business.

One quick story I want to tell you is about Richard (Pic Above:  The handsome gentleman in the grey suit). When we first encountered him, he was not only a drug dealer but a drug addict and I’m going to tell you – I’m kinda tall.  I’m 6’4”, but this guy is 6’5” and has at least 100 pounds on me. It was super intimidating to be in the south side of Chicago where it’s gang infested. We helped him go to his AA meetings and tried to support him as he was going through a difficult transition. And I was scared sometimes – I’ll be honest with you!  But to see him now, to clean up totally clean, have an amazing family and be back on the street – not to sell drugs – but to help the very people who used to sell drugs to – Well that was a huge breakthrough for me! We all know that “things that challenge you, change you”!

I want to tell you that some of the things we’re going to talk about today might challenge your comfort zone a little bit. But we know that it’s when you step out of your comfort zone that the real growth happens. Right? So let’s get started.

How many of you today are as confused as I’ve been with all of the new social networks that come out, the tools to measure the social networks, the tools to score the measurement of the social networks and so on and so forth? Have you been as confused as I have been? Most people today end up in the same place and it’s not your fault, frankly, to be honest with you. Most people out there teaching these things today don’t really have a handle on it themselves and they’re simply riding the hype of social media.

If you actually look at what works, there are very few things you need to be doing to be successful. And I use that in my core grounding principles. First principle you’ll want to write down today is MIN MIX Marketing. MIN MAX Marketing is about doing the minimum amount of effort and getting the maximum result.  If we’re going to build a system, we need to know how we get the Max results for the least amount of work, whether we’re leveraging technology or we’re leveraging people. We need to think in terms of MIN MAX! Unfortunately, wouldn’t you agree that most of us – up until today – perhaps have been investing in MAX MIN Marketing, right? Maximum effort, minimum results.

Thinking back, how much money have you invested in marketing techniques that didn’t work?  Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of Thousands? You’re not alone. Yet you know that there’s got to be something out there that can work, because it seems to be working for other people. It just hasn’t cracked for you. So, this chart I’m about to show you will probably explain why so much of that money was wasted and I’m sorry if you’ve wasted that, but I’m also honored to be here to show you the path to success.

What I’ve discovered over 15 years is that the way to make a solid appointment using digital techniques has to be done in a certain manner and what you’re going to see at the top of this pyramid is where I finish off at the end, while everyone else does opposite. They START with social media. They say, “you’ve got to be on social media. You’ve got to post funny stuff. You got to engage. You’ve got to be cool”.

To me, I’ve never seen success happened that way. Instead, underneath that, we have websites, landing pages, paid ads, and LinkedIn and email. We’re actually going to start today with email. I’m not going to spend time on the other ones, but if you start at the bottom, here’s what’s going to happen. Imagine if you are doing paid ads or you have a great website and it’s generating leads. You don’t know how to effectively harness those email leads.  Most deals that will come through your pipeline, whether for life annuities or financial planning, will only come about after eight interactions, which equates to about 6 months!

Eighty percent of your deals will happen half a year later and if you don’t know how to use email, all that money you spent generating those leads is going to be for waste.  Let me give you an example. $241,000 is the amount of fees and commissions one of our students earned after sending out how many emails? That’s what I want you to guess. How many emails did a student send out to make a quarter of a million dollars in fees and commissions?

Just TWO.  The key is that she sent it to the right people and it was the right message. And guess what? I’m going to give you that template that you can use here later in the class today. What I want to do is kind of set the strategy at the beginning. Then we’ll dive into the tactics. Things you can write down and try right away.   

Do you happen to write for one of the firms or companies shown above?  Well, you’re in good company because billions in premiums have been generated for these brands – 100% digitally.  I’ll tell you if you combine strong sales techniques with these appointment setting techniques, your 2019 is going to be the best year ever.

Let’s get started with email, which in my opinion is the easiest appointment to set. You know why you already have it and it’s in your list. Here’s the reason why Mckinsey just did a study not too long ago, where they compared the return on investment of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. They put it all together and when compared to email, email outperformed those three social networks combined. That means you make 40 times more money with email then you’ll make with social media. So where do you want to spend your time? Social media marketing or email marketing? Imagine having a box on your desk where you could slide two $1 bills and then two $20s would pop out every single time. Wouldn’t we all like to have a little machine like that?

The next principle I want to share with you is how to write those effective emails. There’s a right way and a wrong way to write emails, especially in financial services and life insurance.

Remember we already learned about MIN MAX?  The next acronym is SAC. I want you to keep it SHORT, then ASK one question in a CONVERSATIONAL tone.  Let’s take a look at the reason behind why and then I’ll give you some great tactical examples. Inside our wonderfully designed brains, in every human being on the planet and in all of your retirement planning and life insurance prospects, there is this little element called the Amygdala. The Amygdala is the center of distraction and also flight or fight mechanism. It literally is what gets us to be alert or unfortunately many times in this distracted world, to go down the rabbit hole of distraction. Have you ever been perhaps been doing deep work where you’re typing something or you’re working really hard on something and then BOOM, you get a ping, you get a pop-up, you get a notification, you get a text message, and all of a sudden you go down this rabbit hole of distraction.

If that’s ever happened to you, that’s the amygdala doing it’s work! Now, here’s the secret. As financial marketers, we need to know that the every one of your prospects has an amygdala, and if we’re going to use it ethically, we need to know how to control that distraction center to our ethical advantage.  Let me show you the first email that taps into the amygdala instantly and will get you answers where perhaps your other emails did not. The first gift I want to give you is called the “$14,000 Radio Silent Email”.

Now you’re going to see what I affectionately call a “Canadian email”. Being born and raised in Canada and then moving to the US at 20, I know something about being Canadian! . I now live in Boston and it’s funny to look at how Canadians are seen by people in the US.  Typically the Canadian vibe is very polite, very nice. I’m sorry about everything. And these emails are kind of the ones I’ve seen advisors write to people that booked an appointment. They came through but they never bought from you. For example, you might have sent something like the one shown below (on the left).  Let’s say a prospect name Tom came through my office and we had a great conversation about annuities. Following up, I wrote Tom, I called Tom, at two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, six weeks. He doesn’t get back to me. Then I might send a nice email like this. Right?

Let me ask you this. How much authority do you project writing an email like this? Probably very little. Right? So here’s what, here’s what you want to send instead.  

On the right side of the graphic, this is what I want you to learn today (Pic above; Right side). Which one of these two advisors looks like an advisor that’s in demand? Who is the power broker/advisor and who is the one you won’t want to do business with. Would you say it’s A or B?

Almost everyone will pick B as being the more preferred advisor or broker.  Why is that? People who are quite busy get to the point very quickly. This taps into the psychological trigger that says this advisor must be successful because they don’t take time to write these long apologetic emails. So that’s how you apply S.A.C. in the first email.

And the reason I call it the $14,000 email is one of our members sent this out to 10 people on his “dark” list. Within five minutes he got back five people that said, “no thanks, I’m good”. But four hours later one responded back, said “yes, when can we start?”. They hadn’t spoken in six months. The last two voicemails and texts went unreturned. Yet he ended up submitting the apps to underwriting and received $14k in commissions and two referrals –  just from one simple concept of mastering the S.A.C. formula.  This is what to do for people who called in the last six to nine weeks in your database.

So if you’re running seminars, if you’re buying leads, if you’re doing referrals, use the radio silent email in the last perhaps the last six to nine weeks. Okay? So take all those people and send them back. But I know that in your database, as you probably have people that have come in that were leads maybe months and months ago, right? Maybe they never knew what you were, maybe they didn’t make it into your office, but they’re on your newsletter list now. You connected with them in a certain way. I want to give you another technique. This is the one line email strategy, probably one of the simplest techniques that you can use the at one of the most powerful, and this is the email technique that lynn that used in the very beginning that I mentioned. Now I think I can. I think we’re all on the same page here, right?

That although Lynn made quite a bit of commissions from using this email, I’m not implying that you’re going to do the same thing. I’m not implying that you’re going to make $14k by using “radio silent” or anything. In fact, you probably won’t make anything, especially if you don’t do anything about it. I just have to say that because some of these testimonials that you’ll see from our personal clients and members are pretty outrageous. And I just want to be on the same page – You HAVE to try these things. And sometimes it’ll work right out of the gate and sometimes you’ve got to test a little bit and tweak it up.  So the next strategy is the one line email. Here’s what you’re going to do….

Step 1: Make a list of all the prospects in your system to get them off from business cards. Get them out of Outlook, off your phone, get them out of your Excel spreadsheet, get them out of your CRM and put them all together in ONE spreadsheet. This should include everyone that didn’t buy.

Step 2: You’re going to load them into your email tool (MailChimp or Constant Contact are two examples).

Step 3:  Sent the email described below.

This email has generated well over a million dollars in fees just by itself.  I’m going to give you two subject lines to test. First subject line is just the first name. So if for example, Tom was in my list, I would put “Tom” in the subject line. Another one you could test is “quick question” in all lower case. This is a really good little marketing trick to use lower case letters. When you do that, it looks like it was written from a human and not a machine or a marketer.

It’s a very simple email. You start with the person’s name. “John, do you still need help with life insurance annuities” OR your retirement plan OR your financial plan OR your cyber liability, etc. Then your name and then your standard signature block.  I had a carrier who used this once. They had over 10,000 people in their prospect database. I said “you should really send this out”. It was a friend of mine who ran a carrier and he said, “Oh man, this is going to be great. I’m totally going to do this!”.  

So he sends it out. I texted him the next day and asked him “Hey, how did it go?”. He said, “It failed miserably. Nothing happened”. I asked him to immediately send me a screenshot of what he sent out. He did the first part correctly. He even did the second part right.  But then he continued it on like this “…..because we sell critical illness, limited death benefit, cancer policies”, so on and so forth. He ruined the effectiveness of this email by cluttering it with marketing.  Why do you think this email works so effectively? Why do people reply so fast when all the other emails don’t work? What is it?

It doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. It’s organic. It feels like a human being wrote it. It just gets to the point. It’s not cool. It’s not threatening. It’s not rude. You come across as somebody who is leading the pack, not desperate for a deal, right? There’s a whole bunch of other cool things you can do with this email by the way. I don’t have time to discuss them today, but please go ahead and try this one out!

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about this email.  For instance, “I got paid deals in 24 hours and made 10 grand with 300 leads”. I had one woman that had a database of 2,000 prospects – She got 324 people reactivated in 48 hours.  Another one generated $8k in two weeks. And for those of you that might be on the line today and you have a very small list – I guarantee you it’s not as small as this guy’s list shown above! Just 61 people. He got 47 replies, 37 appointments, 29 new clients. He was very detailed and disciplined in what he did here. But that’s pretty impressive.

This to me is the low hanging fruit. I bet all of us have people we can send this to today, right? The next step is how do we add people to that list?

The next thing we’re going to do is start building your databases up. We’re going to talk about LinkedIn now. There’s a lot of hype right now about Facebook and Twitter and Youtube and ranking videos, etc. I’ve got to tell you….for the last 10 years we have been crushing it on Linkedin.  Linkedin did a survey recently and found that 9 out of 10 people on Linkedin that have a life insurance policy, used an agent or a broker for at least some of the purchase.

Imagine that 90% of the people that are covered on Linkedin got their policy from somebody like you.  They may not have gotten it from you specifically, but when LinkedIn interviewed advisors and they asked them, “Hey, are you actually finding clients? Are you actually generating opportunities? Are you actually securing meetings?”, the answers were yes, yes, yes.  Thirty percent got a meeting. Forty three percent found a new potential client. Those numbers are absurd! Just think about the fact that the people on Linkedin make 3x more money. You want to get into the deep well of wealth that’s hidden out there. It’s on Linkedin! The people make three times more money on Linkedin than they do on facebook and these people have great jobs. They are successful executives. They’re entrepreneurs. And statistically, seventy eight percent of salespeople who use some form of social media performed better than their peers.

According to Forbes, IBM did a study of 55 percent of all buyers do their research using social networks. So let me ask you a question – If you’re doing an educational seminar or you’re doing mailers or you’re buying leads, don’t think for a second people haven’t googled your name. The reason why you want to have a high ranking and a well-designed to profile on Linkedin is that LinkedIn is typically the first or second search result that shows up for people.  Google loves Linkedin, so having a well-designed, complete profile will help with your search results.

Let me give you a really cool technique that you can start to do to build up your database today.  It’s one of the most popular techniques that is working for our private members and it’s related to executive movement. There’s a part of Linkedin then allows you to look at who’s changed jobs in the last 90 days. Now, why do you think that’s powerful? Why is it important to you to think, or what value could you offer to someone who just changed jobs?


When people move, money moves.  For instance, “Allie” just became global director of HR. Instead of saying, “Hey Allie, do you need help with that rollover?”, why don’t we do something by giving value first? I might send Allie a $10 Starbucks gift card, which I can do electronically.  You could just send somebody a $10 gift card like that if you have their email address.

So I say “Allie, thanks for connecting. By the way, I just noticed you became the director of HR for ABC Company. I’ve gone ahead and took the email on your profile and sent you just a small gift for a Starbucks gift card so you can take yourself out to celebrate! Keep up the amazing work. :-)”.   Wow.  Now, what if you went and did that for 10 years? You did that for Julie. You did that for Sean. What if you did that for just 10 people, and out of those 10 people, let’s say six of them thanked you, and out of the six, three of them were were agreeable to a have a conversation about their rollover and out of the three, one became a client. It costs $100 to get a 401k rollover client just with a simple technique. And by the way, most of our top performers are have outsourced this entire process to virtual assistants!

So for six bucks an hour, somebody will do this for you within your profile, provided they follow certain guidelines. That’s just a very, very simple technique that you can use to start building your database right now. At the beginning of the class, I talked about our Linkedin leverage methodology. This is where we’re going to go deep into how to build your database and how to build your connections with affluent people. The first thing you want to do is optimize your profile. For those of my friends here that are doing life insurance, they’re doing annuities, financial planning, those are called “keywords” in your LinkedIn profile. Instead of writing them once or twice, you want to have them in there at least 12 times. You can put them in your Summary Section, your professional headline, your job description. And for those of you that are FINRA regulated, these techniques are totally approved because we’re not making promissory statements –  you’re just telling people exactly exactly what you do.

I’m going to give you a great example of a professional headline in just a second. But here’s what you want to be doing everyday. I’m a big systems and process guy. I need to know what I need to do every day to be successful.  After optimizing your profile, you’re going to do 50 outbound connections a day. That means you’re going to target a group of people that you think you can really serve.

Before we move on…. I want to make a deal with you. If you feel at the end of the class today that I have delivered massive value to you, I would like to have your permission to make you an offer.  Now I know it’s not going to be for everybody and I can tell you right right off the bat, but I want to earn that right to do that by giving you value in advance.

Alright, let’s start back to the LinkedIn Leverage methodology here. First, you’ve got to optimize your profile. Then, make fifty connections a day. Here’s what’s going to happen. Thirty percent, 30 percent of the people you ask to connect with will agree to connect with you.  So if you ask 10, three will come through. If you ask 100, 30 will come through. Then of those people, you’re going to do 10 direct messages inside of Linkedin. Okay? 10 direct messages.

I’m going to give you a sample in just a second here. Then you’re going to refine that message. I want to tell you this  -The biggest reason I see advisors fail at this is because they send out 10, 20, 30 messages. They may not get an appointment and then they get discouraged and give up. You’ve got to keep testing them! How many many mistakes would you estimate that you’ve made as you were trying new things and before you finally got it right?  A LOT, correct? The nice thing about social media is that it doesn’t matter. After about five minutes, everybody forgets, so you can make a mistake and you can keep going.

We have a culture in our team where we thrive on making mistakes. We actually look at mistakes as successes because we got another lesson in how NOT to do it. It’s the old Thomas Edison analogy, right? He figured out 10,000 ways a light bulb didn’t work and on 10,001 he got it to work. So you’ve got to adopt the mentality of a tester. I promised you a really good headline and here it is.  Love his headline – “I serve my clients by helping them achieve clarity and a sense of security as it relates to their financial goals”. Now, let me ask you this – If you’re on Linkedin and you’re struggling to find the right advisor and you see a financial advisor with no details (below, right) and then all of a sudden you see this (below, left), who are you going to click on?

Who would you reach out to when to reach out to this? That’s right. So remember when you write your professional headline to write it in a way that states have benefit to the audience, and in our program we have tons of examples. You can simply swipe and they’re compliant and they work.

Here’s how you would search for the right kind of prospect.  What’s kind of interesting is, if you just look up “business owner”, you don’t get that many results. Most people will use the word CEO or president. That will get you more search results.  If you want to get a little more clarity, you want to put that into quotation marks. That might refine your search down to people who have that written those words beside each other instead of the separate words “business” and “owner”. You’ve got that boolean search technique.

If you’ve got the free version of LinkedIn, there are a couple of things you can do very easily. Hold down the control (CTRL) key and click on the profile names of the ones you’re interested in researching further. This will open them each in a separate tab, so that you’re not constantly clicking the “back” arrow.  like this, like this, like this, like this. How do I know who a good prospect is? For example, we look at the profile of “Michelle”. She’s a Boston entrepreneur. She’s been in real estate as well. Is this the kind of business owner you’re looking for? You can look for exactly the type of prospect you’d like to have. That’s one of the things I love about LinkedIn – you can find out everything about the person before you reach out.

Let’s say that you like Michelle’s profile. We’re going to hit the connect button and you’re going to make sure you always add a note.  Something really simple, like “Hi Michelle! Noticed we both do business here in the Boston area. Thought it wouldn’t hurt to connect. Hope business is going great!”.

That’s all you’re going to do. Copy that little blurb to your notepad and then keep pasting it into the next connection request.  All you need to do is change their name. There are a lot of tools that can automate this, and that’s what we teach in our program. But to maximize the free version of LinkedIn, you want to do 50 of those a day.

For those of you that may want to streamline the process a bit, I really recommend Sales Navigator. I don’t get paid on recommending this, but it is super powerful. You can search by company headcount, location, industry and so much more.  Of those results, you can also see how many of them changed their jobs. Maybe some of them just started or they were previous business owners and they changed careers. That would be a really good money movement opportunity as well, right? So those are just a few simple techniques – Just do 50 connections and 10 messages each and every day, What’s going to happen is, once you connect with people, you go over here to ‘my network” and you’ll see that the people that recently connected with you are shown here as “connections recently added”.  So now what do I do?

I’m going to craft my outbound message. This is where I’m going to write them either using the gift card idea or I’m going to share something with them that’s a value. I’m going to share that with you in a second this is the focused way for you to get started.

Let’s do a little reality check – How many of us have missed our sales goals for 2018? Have you missed your goals for 2018? If you did, we’re not going to get all emotional about it. It’s reality that there’s only a few days left this year. But take a look at this study from the Aberdeen Group. Sixty two percent of people who do not use inbound social selling miss their quotas. So, for those of you that missed, is it possible we have a 62 percent chance of increasing your sales and just by a few simple techniques which you can do for practically free? You’re not alone. Look at what some of our students have said. Chris, who was in our program did it to 20 people. He got four leads, set one appointment, and earned commission of $8-10k. Jeff was somebody in my private coaching program.  Afterwards, he signed up for mentorship – he’s the kind of guy that wanted to keep learning. He has the money but he has no time. So what did he do? He invested. He had us work with his administrative assistant and we taught them how to do it 45 days into the program.

They were getting one C-Level meeting a week, and within 90 days they made $350,000 in fees just from that. Here’s a quick little insight or nugget I want to give you –  I want to let you know that the first email you ever send somebody, we’ll have about an 18 percent open rate, but do not give up. You must continue to email them because look what happens on email number six. You actually have a high rate of open on email number six and almost as high on email number seven. Most people though, stop right here. “I sent them an email and they didn’t reply. They must not be interested”.  Are you kidding me? Most people get 150 emails a day, so you must continue to follow up and there’s some really simple tools that can help you do that out there like mailshake and so forth.

Here’s a little simple campaign you can use. Once you connect with someone, you’re going to add value. You can send them a gift or you can send them a helpful article. Next, you’re gonna wait four five days. Send them another helpful article. You don’t have to be the one that writes. Takes something that I’ve written. Or any other source you find valuable.  Say, “Hey, I just saw this article from (author name). I thought it would be encouraging for you. Hope your business is going great!”. That’s value. Do another one, four to five days later – only then, go for the ask. And my experience has been, if you live your life by giving people things in advance of you receiving any money for it, you will be paid back beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m also a big fan of using animals. Animals have been proven to break down the psychological distance between two strangers and create a little bit of joy. And I’ll tell you, every time I use an animal, I always get a reply. If you’re going after the business to business market, this young guy, 29 years old, had been selling insurance less than six months. He was meeting one new CFO every week since they started.

Guys like Paul who have built groups of over 10,000 people using these techniques, getting 300 appointments in six months. He was totally new, didn’t even have a linkedin profile when he got started. He added two agents to his agency and eight months generated over 300 appointments. So congratulations -You now know more than 98 percent of insurance agents and financial advisors!  

I hope you can see by now that you can build a scalable, qualified lead generation funnel that brings pre indoctrinated, ready-to-talk-to prospects to your calendar every day You’ll do it without having to chase people down, without having to look like you’re begging for business or without learning a bunch of technical stuff.

Would you like to implement this strategy in your business to generate 1-4 affluent appoints a day?

For select candidates, we can execute the entire sequence we outlined above. Apply here to see if you qualify for our Concierge Done For You Services.

Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah is the founder and CEO of Advisorist® and is a 23-time award winning financial marketer, a TED speaker and philanthropist. He’s been featured on Forbes, CNN, and Worth. His work has generated over $2 million insurance leads and helped advisors in over 51 countries generate over $300 million in sales commissions. He is the author of the best selling book, SHIFT.

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