The #1 Thing Financial Professionals Can Do To Increase the Chance of Lead Conversion By 400%

Bad leads. Unqualified leads. Not enough leads. It’s a perennial sales complaint.

Even if you’re an insurance agent or financial advisor working on your own, it’s still easier to blame the leads for poor sales performance than admit you may be doing something wrong.

But what if you could boost your lead contacts and conversions into overdrive? And do it while working with the same number and quality of leads…and without spending more hours dialing for dollars?

Well that’s exactly what I want to share with you today.

At Advisorist, we believe in systematizing our tasks so we can work smarter…not harder. I call it MIN MAX Marketing—doing the MINIMUM effort and getting the MAXIMUM result.

Today I want to add an extra variable to the formula: Knowledge.

When you know precisely how to optimize your calls and emails, you can create a high-performance, strategy for following up with insurance and financial services leads.

Follow the program exactly, and you have the potential to improve your net conversion by a whopping 128%.

Let’s get into this strategy we call Power Prospecting Parthenon.

12 Years of Research and Analysis Behind Power Prospecting Parthenon

Every salesperson wants to make lead contact as efficient and effective as possible—with high lead conversion and maximum ROI. But it’s only been in the last 12 years that researchers have begun to crack the code.

Dr. James B. Oldroyd and, with their Lead Response Management Study, analyzed response rates and best times and days of the week for calling.

They were the first to discover the link between response rates and contact/conversion. reviewed the data again in 2012 and found their results held up:

The faster you respond to an inbound lead, the better your chances of making contact and setting an appointment.

In 2016, Velocify reported the results of its massive Sales Optimization Study. Analysts aggregated and studied data from 3.5 million leads across 400 companies—many in the insurance and financial sector.

As with the Lead Response Management Study, quick response and pinpoint timing are essential for contact and conversion success.

Now, with the Power Prospecting Parthenon, you can use the findings of all this research to systematize your own contact strategy and optimize results – without spending 12 years of your own time.

Swipe Our Quick Start Guide for High-Performance Follow Up

The essence of Power Prospecting Parthenon is simple:

If you respond faster and make one more follow-up call or send one more email than the competition, you have the strategic advantage.

The secret, of course, is knowing the optimal frequency and times for scheduling your calls and emails. Insider Advisorist members learn:

  • The ONE thing to increase their chance of conversion by 400%
  • How to get 93% of all prospects to respond
  • Which day to call 3 times and when NEVER to call
  • The exact days to send email for the highest conversion
  • The precise daily framework for 22 days of outreach success

But to get you started without joining our exclusive club, here are the pillars of a powerful prospecting strategy:

Pillar 1: Speed-to-Call is Absolutely Critical

If you call within one minute of receiving a lead, you have a 391% greater chance of converting that lead to an opportunity.

Wait just two minutes, and your chance of converting will drop to 160%.

Wait 30 minutes, and you have only a 62% chance of lead conversion.

Pillar 2: Persistence Pays Off

It’s always been amazing to me that most people will attempt to contact a lead once…maybe twice. Then give up.

But that creates and amazing opportunity for you.

To capitalize on this, always remember: “Six equals success.”

Because 93% of converted leads are reached by the sixth call attempt – not attempts number 1 through 5.

You need multiple efforts. If you give up after one or two calls, you’re leaving appointments (and profits) on the table.

Pillar 3: The Secret to Timing Your Calls

As with every part of this strategy, there is an optimal time for making each of your calls.

You already know that the first call is best placed within the first minute of the inbound lead arriving.

But you should actually make three calls during the first day.

We show Advisorist members exactly how to structure and schedule their calls for optimal follow up inside the program…

… but the main takeaway here for structuring your own process is to remember that striking while the iron is hot (and your prospect is still in the emotional state that led them to you) helps increase your chances of success.

Pillar 4: Email Boosts Your Call Success

In addition to phone calls, you need to follow up with emails.

In fact, we know that prospects who receive an email have a 16% higher chance of being by phone.

By now, you shouldn’t be surprised that there an optimal frequency and timing schedule to boost your chances for maximum contact and lead conversion.

Rule Number One: For a 49% conversion, send your first email within the first 20 minutes of receiving the lead.

Over the course of three weeks, you should schedule five emails in between your phone calls to up your chances of reaching your prospects.

Pillar 5: Integration Is Where the Magic Happens

So here’s where our system comes together:

  • We provide Advisorist members with the full 22-day strategy – or you can create your own…
  • And we urge you to commit and follow every step exactly as designed.

By sending every email and making each call on the scheduled days, you could see a net conversion improvement by as much as 128%.

Need more incentive?

How about the fact that you’ll have the secret strategy that 70% of insurance agents and financial advisors don’t – which puts you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Pillar 6: Become a Ruthless Tester

Every strategy is actually a starting point.

In order to find out what works best for you and your specific audience, you need to develop the attitude of a ruthless, relentless tester.

Over time, you can and should be testing your opening line, closing line, subject line in emails, body copy in emails, your voicemails, time of day and day of week you’re contacting your prospects.

You can even test the effectiveness of using automated technologies.

By doing all this testing, you can determine what works best for you and your prospects, and improve the results you and your clients see.

Just keep in mind, it’s easier to determine what’s working and what’s not when you test only one thing at a time.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell which change created the new result.

We call this process the Power Prospecting Parthenon because, like the original temple that has stood atop the Acropolis for almost 2500 years, proper use of this strategy will give you a rock-solid foundation on which to build a profitable, purposeful practice.

To see the full Power Prospecting Parthenon strategy, and get the step-by-step, proven guide you can swipe and use in your own practice, join us inside Advisorist.

Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah is the founder and CEO of Advisorist® and is a 23-time award winning financial marketer, a TED speaker and philanthropist. He’s been featured on Forbes, CNN, and Worth. His work has generated over $2 million insurance leads and helped advisors in over 51 countries generate over $300 million in sales commissions. He is the author of the best selling book, SHIFT.

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