17 Babies Who Know It’s Never Too Late to Save for Retirement

Gotta start saving for that retired life now. This baby crying over the decline of employer pensions. Source: Reddit This baby just sheltered $50,000 in pre-tax contributions to a SEP IRA. He’ll explain what that means when his teeth come in. Source: Reddit Well, well, well, looks like someone’s capping out at that $5,500 annual…

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11 Drivers That Are Causing Nightmares To Their Insurance Agents

1. “Can I take the pump home with me?” badpriusdrivers / Via 2. “Does this truck go in water?” theoceanram / Via 3. “Like a gloooove” badpriusdrivers / Via 4. This driver who just couldn’t wait for his root canal. djtommyfixx / Via 5. This driver can make you wonder if…

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